Family Counseling: A Holistic Approach

Traditionally, counseling for family-related issues typically involved visits to a therapist to discuss and work through various issues. While this method is still being used, more practices are integrating a more holistic approach to therapy. Holistic counseling involves working with not just the mind, but also with the body. By integrating various techniques into counseling that involve the body and mind together, patients can reap a wide array of benefits.

What's Involved

Modern family therapy practices are now integrating a wider array of techniques designed to help reduce stress and allow a person's body and mind to heal in synergy. Some of the techniques involved include yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and even acupuncture and acupressure. The purpose of integrating these practices is so that individuals can heal their minds through physical practices and have a better relationship with themselves and the world around them. By healing internally, each person can better relate to others and handle issues and difficulties much better.

For Couples

Holistic therapy can be an excellent tool to help couples who need assistance to communicate better. By focusing on oneself, the patient can better understand what their inner feelings are and what their own personal issues may be. Over time, couples who participate in holistic therapy learn to better manage their feelings and the capability to handle certain issues as they arise. It also helps couples bond and become closer. By focusing on relaxation techniques, people can learn how to be proactive instead of reactive whenever a problem arises. This can be a good way for married people to work through their problems and begin to better serve each other as a couple.

For Children and Families

Children who are coping with a traumatic event or who have behavioral problems can also benefit from holistic therapy. Teaching children to better express themselves in a productive manner will help their relationships improve with friends, parents, and siblings. In a clinical setting, children can express themselves freely and explain their feelings openly. Through proper holistic counseling, they will then learn how to better communicate and to be healthy and happy with the proper tools and training. This can benefit the children as well as their parents. It is also very effective for teenagers as well. Meditation can help children stay calm and to think about how they are feeling first before they act upon those feelings. Whether it is an entire family, an individual child, or a married couple, holistic therapy can heal the body and the mind.

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