Using Christian Counseling To Determine Marriage Compatibility

Statistics show that 45% to 50% of first marriages in the United States end in divorce. Since divorce can be both emotionally and financially costly, avoiding divorce by marrying someone with whom you are compatible should be a priority.

Many couples believe that marriage counseling is only for couples struggling to save their marriage, but a Christian marriage counselor can work with you and your partner prior to marriage to help prevent divorce. Here are two topics a counselor might discuss with you that can help you determine if you and your partner are well suited for marriage.

1. Your thoughts on raising children.

Marriage is not only the union of two individuals, but two differing backgrounds as well. Since you and your partner likely experienced different parenting styles as you grew up, it can be important to talk about how you will raise your own children in the future.

If raising children in a Christian home is important to you, you will need to discuss which church you want your family to be affiliated with, and how you will serve as moral examples for future children with your partner prior to marriage.

Many couples find that their views on raising religious children can cause arguments, so determining if your views on raising children are compatible before tying the knot can be beneficial. A counselor can help you explore this topic in a safe and open environment.

2. Your individual commitment to religious traditions.

Though the traditions of each Christian denomination can vary, many churches share common elements like weekly worship service and scripture study. It's important that you take the time to discuss your individual commitment to these religious traditions with your potential spouse prior to marriage.

If you are hoping to build a marriage on Christian principles, but your partner is only interested in attending church services on holidays or other important dates, then religious traditions could become a source of contention within your marriage.

Meeting with a Christian marriage counselor will allow you to explore both your own and your spouse's dedication to religious traditions. This information will help you create a dialogue that will help you determine if you and your partner are well suited for marriage in the future.

Meeting with a marriage counselor prior to becoming engaged can be beneficial. Since many couples aren't sure how to talk about important topics like raising children or commitment to religion themselves, having the guidance of a skilled counselor can help you determine you and your partner's compatibility before you walk down the aisle.