3 Ways Couples Counseling Can Help You Bridge A Large Age Gap

If you and your partner have a significant age difference, you may start to notice that some problems related to your age gap creep up in your relationship over time. Instead of letting these problems fester, it is best to seek the help of a professional as soon as you notice them. You may even want to get professional help before you notice any problems, to develop healthy communication tools and expectations for your relationship. If you decide to get counseling together, there are several points your counselor may address. 

The Importance of Life Planning 

All couples, no matter their age, may run into problems when they fail to communicate their plans for the future with each other. However, it is even more critical for couples with a large age difference to discuss their plans. Perhaps the older individual is ready to have children immediately while the younger one wants to explore the world or build their career. Perhaps the older individual is set in their career but the younger individual wants to make a move to progress their career.

These common conflicts can be exaggerated by age differences, especially when the two individuals feel pressure from their peer groups to seek something the other individual either does not want or is not ready for. For this reason, it is important to create a clear life plan as a couple, including major decisions such as children, careers, and large purchases. A counselor can help you make this plan together and come up with a way to integrate your hopes and desires into a shared life. 

Preventing Emotional Dependency 

Power imbalances are common in couples with a large age gap. Sometimes the older individual ends up taking care of the younger individual either financially or emotionally, which can build resentment. Other times the younger person's career goals mute the older person's desires. Your counselor may help you identify power imbalances in your relationship and work to create a more stable relationship where each person takes on shared responsibility and control. 

Communication Techniques 

All couples need to learn to communicate with each other. Couples with a generational difference may find that they have different expectations around communication, including different uses of technology and how much is appropriate to share with your partner or others outside of the relationship. Your counselor can give you communication exercises to help understand your partner's communication techniques and build a system that works for you. 

A large age gap can result is some relationship difficulties. However, a counselor can usually help you address your differences and develop a healthy relationship. 

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