Why Treating The Underlying Issue Is The Most Effective Way To Stop Hoarding

Hoarding is a huge problem that can lead to safety and health concerns, but it is not an easy condition to fix. If you are a hoarder, it is very likely that your friends and relatives will be on your case all the time about this issue. They do this because they love you and worry about you, and they want you to get help to fix this problem. If you are ready to get help and change this part of your life, you should find a counselor that will help you determine the underlying cause of your hoarding.

What are common underlying causes of hoarding?

Approximately 3% to 5% of people in the U.S. have a hoarding problem, which means that most people in this country do not have this problem. The percentage of people that do struggle with hoarding have this problem because of another problem they have. In other words, there is an underlying issue causing these individuals to hoard. This can include:

  • Painful events during childhood
  • Living in poverty or extremely bad conditions
  • A loss of a relative or friend
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Mental illnesses

If you are a hoarder and want to fix this problem, you will need to seek help from a counselor to find out what has caused you to do this.

Why is diagnosing and treating the underlying cause so important?

Diagnosing the issue and treating it is crucial if you want to change the way you think and live. Some people believe that emptying out a hoarder's house and cleaning it up will help the hoarder change. While this may be true in some cases, it may not be in others.

If someone came and emptied out your house and cleaned it, you would still be struggling with the underlying issue that caused you to hoard in the first place. Having a clean house might seem nice at first, but it may not be enough for you to change your ways. In the near future, you might slowly begin hoarding once again, and you could end up in the same position you were in before your house was emptied out.

Mental health counseling is a great way to find out what is causing you to have this issue. Once the problem is diagnosed, your counselor will be able to offer treatment options to you. This could be the best and most effective way to break your habit of hoarding. If you are ready to get help for this type of issue, contact a mental health counselor today or go to site about hoarding to learn more.