Successful Couples Counseling Techniques

Sometimes marriage can be difficult, and it can reach a point where the couple may need to seek counseling in order to improve their relationship. Professional couples therapists can help married couples reignite their passions, resolve problems, and preserve the marriage. There are several different methods that therapists can use to help couples, and here are some examples of some that have been proven to be successful.

Communication Building

One of the most common reasons couples face problems is because of a lack of communication. With this technique, the therapist will help to improve communication and keep the lines open. This practice requires cooperation on each partner's part to promise and stay open and honest, and learn how to express themselves more frequently and honestly. There are a few exercises that can be done, like writing feelings down when they feel angry or hurt, and by taking the time each day to sit down and talk for a few minutes to address concerns. Even talking about each other's day can help improve overall communication.

The Sun Method

This method of couples' counseling involves having each partner face each other while in session, and begin to talk to each other in a loving way. They must tell each other something they like about the other, and a good analogy is to think of each other as being the sunshine to a flower. By focusing on positive things, the couple will be able to remember what it is they love about each other and this can do wonders in strengthening the relationship. Sometimes when life gets too busy, couples lose focus on their partner, and compliments and loving words fall by the wayside. This method is designed to refocus on that so the love can be renewed.

Behavior Modification

The practice of behavior modification is commonly used in all types of therapy, and couples counseling is no exception. If one partner is engaging in destructive behavior such as drinking, they need to receive separate counseling for this in order to modify they current behavior. The therapist will need to find out more about each partner and learn about their habits and if those habits are having an effect on the relationship. Through behavior modification, the partners can start to make changes that can help improve the marital relationship. If conflicts between the two partners have escalated, the therapist may suggest that they take a "time out" and focus on their individual needs first in order to be a better, more loving partner.

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