3 Things To Know About Residential Drug Treatment Centers

When a person has a substance abuse problem, it is commonly his or her family that pushes for the addict to get help. There are a number of different types of substance abuse treatment programs you can choose for a person with an addiction, and one of these is a residential treatment program. This option is slightly different from other options, and here are three things you should understand about these programs before recommending this option to your loved one.

They take place in a home-like atmosphere

Instead of visiting a hospital or clinic-like facility to get treated for a substance abuse problem, people that choose residential programs can complete the process in a home-like setting. In fact, residential substance abuse treatment programs typically take place in homes.

These homes are set up to accommodate multiple people, and they are often either for men or women; however, there may be some that are co-ed. The houses have bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, and living rooms, but they also have offices and meeting rooms, which are used for counseling and other things.

Completing a program at a residential treatment center typically takes up to 12 months, which is different from other types of treatment options. These centers are often located in remote areas, and they can help the patients feel more at home while they are there.

They are ideal for people that have tried other treatment options

Because the programs are usually long in nature, they are often used by people that have tried other options. Typical rehab programs in clinic-like settings are not usually designed to keep people for long periods of time. If you compare treatment facilities, you may see that some recommend three-month treatments, while others may recommend six-month treatment plans. Usually, inpatient treatment is not designed for an entire year.

This difference makes residential treatment programs more effective, because an adequate length of time in drug treatment can make a huge difference. If your loved one has tried to break his or her addiction with other methods and has not succeeded, this might be a good option to try next.

They teach people how to live a normal life

Living in a house-like setting also provides other types of benefits. For one, the patients are able to be in a safe place, while still living in a home. They are often required to do chores, and they may even be able to have jobs. The centers not only help them break their addictions, but another goal they have is to teach them how to live drug-free lives. This can prepare the addicts for life outside of the treatment center.

If you would like to learn more about substance abuse treatment, contact a center today. They can give you more information about the types of programs available. If you are not ready to make this step, you could always call a counseling firm to begin counseling services. This is a great first step you can take.

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