Three Ways To Evaluate What Type Of Alcohol Addiction Treatment You Should Seek

If alcohol addiction is affecting your life, deciding to get help is the first positive step to take. Once you commit to putting alcohol in the rear-view mirror, you'll want to get an understanding of what types of treatment options are available to you. While all of the available options work, there might be one type that is better suited for you. For example, while some alcoholics can fix their issue through a treatment program that involves frequent talk therapy, others find that medication to manage this issue work better for them. Here are three ways that you can evaluate what type of addiction treatment you should seek.

Talk To Someone

It's important to know, first and foremost, that you don't have to sit by yourself and decide what treatment is best. This decision may seem overwhelming, and you already likely know that feeling stressed can also cause you to drink more — which isn't what you need right now. Talk to your family doctor or speak to a counselor at a treatment center directly. Your doctor will know you already, while the counselor will ask a lot of questions to better understand you and your drinking. These health practitioners can then make recommendations about the best treatment program for you.

Consider Your Past

Many alcoholics try several times to curb their drinking before they're finally able to do so successfully. If you have had some failed attempts in your past, evaluate how you tried to get sober. You may want to try a different approach this time. For example, if you relied on a treatment program that focused primarily on talk therapy, but you found that the desire to drink remained with you, you might want to pair talk therapy with medication that will help you to control your cravings for alcohol this time.

Evaluate Your Personality

In many cases, thinking about your personality can give you some insights onto the best course of action to pursue. For example, if you're someone who is sociable, attending a treatment program that involves a lot of group work can be a good idea. Connecting with other people who are facing the same issues as you can help you to feel supported. Conversely, if you're an introvert who struggles in group settings, one-on-one counseling and perhaps the involvement of a sponsor in your life can be a better treatment idea for you to pursue.

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